Assisted Living Facilities

Current State of Assisted Living Facilities

Medication non-adherence is acutely observed in assisted living facilities where one-quarter of residents take 9 or more medications, which is much higher than any nursing home residents.

• Residents with multiple drug prescriptions (5+ medications per day) are at double the risk of having an adverse medical problem due to poor medication adherence

• Approximately 86% of Assisted Living residents need assistance with medication management

• However, studies have revealed that even deploying nurses to deliver medication results in a staggering error rate of 42%.

• 7% of these errors had the potential to cause moderate to high harm to the patient.

Poor Adherence Prevents Patients Aging in Place

The capability to remain independent at home or in an assisted living facility largely depends on the ability to manage medication regimes.

Non-adherence to medication regimes is a major cause of nursing home placement in older adults.

Poor Adherence Prevents Patients Aging
Consequences Of Medication Mismanagement

Consequences of Medication Mismanagement

Residents who miss medications are much more likely to develop complications, require frequent ED visits and hospital admission. Residents can also suffer from dosing error, such as accidently taking extra doses which can lead to side effects and complications, such as collapsing, nausea and vomiting.

Poor Adherence leads to Increase in Healthcare Costs

It is estimated that poor adherence is responsible for 125,000 preventable deaths in the USA and 200,000 deaths in the EU.

Poor adherence is responsible for 10% of hospitalizations in older adults, contributing to three extra medical visits annually per older individual.

Poor Adherence Leads To Increase In Healthcare Costs
AI-equipped monitoring system


Coherence health provides a patient-centred, hassle-free delivery of medication along with an integrated AI behavioural coaching and analytics platform, which helps in improving medication adherence in patients and older adults.

Assisted Living NEED and What We DO.

• Prevents long-term complications caused from poor medical adherence.

• Hassle-free and Seamless experience for patients.

• Reduces clinical visits through Secure, Real-time data stream availability to those who need it.

• Helps improve adherence with live analytics to generate insights and facilitate safety intervention to prevent adverse effects.

Assisted Living NEED
Seamless Integrated Hardware And AI

Seamless Integrated Hardware and AI Powered Dynamic Behavioural Coaching Platform.

Our in- house platform takes the hassle out of medication adherence with easy delivery for assisted living pharmacy. This makes it easy for residents to age in place with optimal health by facilitating the security of great adherence, and dispensing errors.

We do this by seamlessly integrating our hardware product with AI powered behavioural and analytics coach platform, which learns what helps each individual patient stay adherent and delivers necessary interventions


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