Justin Moore

During his tenure at Stanford University, Neurosurgeon Dr. Justin Moore, inspired by the Stanford Biodesign course, discovered that there were a significant number of patients, who had suffered recurrent stroke, despite having been prescribed preventative medication. After moving to Boston and starting at Harvard Medical School as an academic surgeon, who urgently removes clots from patients suffering acute stroke, he continued to see this trend. He dived further into this problem while participating in the Harvard biodesign course and realized – patients were simply not taking their medicine.

While the underlying behaviour could be seen, the root causes were complex and unique to each patient. It became clear that taking medications was hard work. Seeing the impact of these strokes on his patients, he was compelled to act. His mission took him to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where, while undertaking an MBA focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, he was able to bring together a unique and passionate group of dedicated clinicians, business professionals, engineers, behavioural scientists and pharmaceutical experts who are keen to make a positive impact on patients’ lives. Coherence health was born to positively impact patient health through innovative and patient tailored approaches.

Why did you join the mission

Dr. Justin Moore (Co-Founder)

I was frustrated that so many patients suffered from preventable disease like stroke because of inconsistent medication use. I founded coherence to help patients fight back and make a positive impact in healthcare.

Ram (Co-Founder)

I couldn’t believe how many patients were affected by this issue. When I heard about the companies’ mission, I just knew it could have a major impact on millions of lives around the world.


"As my graduation approached, I realized that the medical device industry was the industry in which my skills would have the most positive and tangible impact on people's lives. When Justin and Ram explained their idea to me, it resonated with me and sounded like a great project to work on after my graduation."


When I was first introduced to the team at Coherence and the objective of improving medication adherence, it was a real 'light bulb' moment for me. It was described as 'the biggest problem you have never heard of', and on reflection that statement really resonated with me, particularly through my own experience assisting elderly relatives in managing their health. I have spent the past 18 years honing my engineering skills in the automotive industry, and the prospect of being able to leverage that experience into a project which has the potential to make a genuine improvement to the quality of life of a large group of people is a prospect that I find extremely exciting. Working in a fantastic team of highly motivated people, with a goal of making a real positive difference to people's lives, I was hooked!


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