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Studies reveal 50%

Adherence is hard! Even in clinical trials. Studies reveal that 50% of patients have exhibited poor adherence during oral medication trials.

new life saving medication $8 Million

8 million: Delay by each day results in $600K to $8 Million in lost revenue which means it takes longer for patients to receive their new life saving medications.

Economic Impact of Medication Non-Adherence:

trial sample size 50%

50% increase in trial sample size is required to correct for 20% non-adherence. Poor adherence means more patients must take the trial medication and can make side effect detection difficult.

additional patient $56K

Each additional patient costs $6.5K+ directly, adding to the complexity and making the onboarding of additional sites and staff a time-consuming and laborious process.

Poor Adherence Delays
Clinical Trials NEED

Poor Adherence Delays Life-Saving Medication in Reaching Patients.

clinical trial timeline is spent in recruiting 30%

30% of clinical trial timeline is spent in recruiting

trials fail to meet enrolment milestones 80%

80% of trials fail to meet enrolment milestones.

phase three trials 30%

30% of phase three trials are terminated because of slow enrolment.

Poor Adherence Minimizes the Probability of Technical Success.

Poor Adherence 100%

Poor Adherence can reduce the probability of a clinical trial being successful, even if the trial medication works and helps patients!

 non-adherence 20%

By adding 20% non-adherence (which is an estimate in most trials), a drug that works could be mistakenly shelved as a falsely negative trial, causing patients to lose life-saving drugs.

Poor Adherence Minimizes
AI-equipped monitoring system


Coherence health provides a patient-centred, hassle-free delivery of medication and a coaching platform for conducting decentralized and virtual clinical trials.

Every clinical trial has different requirements and Coherence Health addresses both patient and trial need to provide easy, hassle-free solutions.

We have an AI equipped monitoring system that helps researchers track patients’ performance and ensure maximum accuracy of data, fortifying a smooth trial study for all the stakeholders; the patients, the providers and pharma companies.

Clinical Trials NEED And What We DO.

  • Hassle-free and Seamless medication regime for patients.
  • Closes the loop on adherence by integrating delivery, loading, easy dispense and verification.
  • Secure, Real-time data stream availability.
  • Improve adherence with live analytics to generate insights and facilitate intervention.
  • Automatic audit trail generation.
  • Video Confirmation of dose consumption, creating zero room for false reporting.
  • Easy Reporting of Side-effects.
  • Improved accessibility for performing hassle free virtual clinical trials.
Clinical Trials NEED
Seamless Integrated Hardware And AI

Seamless Integrated Hardware And AI.

Our In-house platform takes the hassle out of medication adherence with easy delivery. Making it easier for the patient to live their life with the security of great adherence and without all the unnecessary work.

We do this by seamlessly integrating our hardware and software, with an AI coach, which learns what helps each individual patient stay adherent.

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